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The Atlant group of companies was formed by combining the capabilities, professionalism and qualified personnel of two  international  companies - specialists in their field with an impeccable reputation:

Hong Kong Atlant Group has been providing legal, consulting and agency services for clients working in Hong Kong and China since 2002. Since 2018  Hong Kong Atlant Group is the official distributor of Bitmain in Hong Kong with the authority to export to all countries of the world.

At the end of 2018, Hong Kong Atlant Group became the official representative of the world leader in polymer depilation Skin's in China, Hong Kong and Macau. Leading international-class master technologists conduct training for specialists of regional distributors and  training centers with the qualification "Skin's Technologist" and the issuance of an international diploma of the established form.

Atlant Trading Co., Ltd. since 2006 has been providing services for the organization of local and international transportation,  customs clearance of export and import goods both in China and in Russia.

By combining our assets, capabilities and professionalism, we can offer  a wide range of services for clients with business interests in Hong Kong and China.

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